Avid Media Composer Now Available

Great News – Mac OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks support for the 6.5.x/10.5.x code base is here!

Avid Media Composer v6.5.4.2 (Mac and PC), Symphony v6.5.4.2 (Mac and PC) and NewsCutter (PC) releases can be downloaded on the Download Center.

The ReadMe is included with the downloads.


Changes in

  • Mac OS X Update – Mac OS 10.9.2 is supported in this release.
  • Nvidia Update – This release includes the 331.65 Nvidia Driver. Do NOT use this driver if you have a Quadro FX 3700, Quadro FX 3800, or Quadro FX 4800 card.
  • Color Bars Update – SMPTE RP 219:2002 High-Definition Color Bar Signal bars have been added to the Test Patterns folders.
  • Fixed in There are many bug fixes in this release so customers with 6.5.x/10.5.x are encouraged to upgrade after they download and read the ReadMe document that accompanies the release.

Mac installers: Mac installers are full installers that include the editing application and the helper applications. You must uninstall your previous version of editing application using the Avid Un-installers located in your Applications folder before installing the new version.

Windows installers: Windows installers are patch installers and can be installed on top of an existing v6.5.4/10.5.4 installation.




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